New Toy

Maybe I got in over my head a little here but. . .  I bought this used PowerEdge T310 on E-Bay with the idea of using it with Windows 10 as a home server, both as a learning instrument and as a functional piece of equipment.  So, I loaded it up with 32 Gb of RAM and four 1 Tb Seagate Barracuda wired HDD's.  Now I find the learning curve pretty steep here.  Windows 10 won't load, I suspect, because the DVD drive isn't loaded.  I used Hiren's boot disk to get to the internet but can't load anything from Dell because the HDD's aren't partitioned/formatted?

This is a pretty bare bones system with the PERC S100 Raid Controller.  Should I use it in non-RAID just like a PC?  I've been wondering about the Virtual Disk you create with the PERC.  Is that like the swap file  on a PC or, is that where one loads the OS?  It seems that if I select a RAID configuration, I need to set up this Virtual Disk.

Would you be so kind as to provide some illumination as I am running out of ideas?

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