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New to Dell and T320 Need idrac7 basic help

Trying to get iDrac7 configured.  Bought basic support.  Does that allow me to do remote administration of server (KVM style).  Thought the feature matrix said that it does.  When trying to configure through lifecycle it says "no license".  Do I have to purchase a license?  Do I already have one?

Need help understanding this and what I have or need.  Thanks.


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RE: New to Dell and T320 Need idrac7 basic help

There are 2 types of licenses -

IDRAC Express - only BASIC functions such as powering on and off Server, and reviewing logs.

IDrac Enterprise - advanced features such as Console re-direct (which is your remote administration similar to KVM) and Virtual Media.

If you want to tryout the Enterprise for a while, download this ISO, boot the Server to it and click on the Evaluation license on the desktop. It will install a temp enterprise license.


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