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OM Admin 7.3.0 - can't detect PE2800 PERC4 ?

I've never used OpenManage before but I'm trying to set up OM Essentials to monitor hardware alerts.

We have two nearly ten year old PE2850 servers that work fine as 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controllers, and are doing nothing else. They do not have DRAC but I have set up the Baseboard Management Controller with an IP address, and the BMC does respond to "ipmish -interactive" showing power status etc, so I know it is working.

I've installed OM Admin 7.3.0 on one of the PE2850 domain controllers, and while it is showing the chassis hardware information, it says "No storage controllers detected."


System info from OpenManage Essentials:


System view from Server Administrator 7.3.0 on the PE2850:



Here is the Essentials software inventory, where I note it does apparently detect the PERC4 driver is present:



Is there a way to get the PERC4 RAID controller to be detected by OM Admin 7.3.0?

Can the BMC still send drive array alerts to Essentials, via the PE2850 BMC SNMP alerts, even if OM Administrator can't detect the storage controller directly?


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RE: OM Admin 7.3.0 - can't detect PE2800 PERC4 ?

First, are you sure 7.3 is supported on the 28x0?  I though 6.5 was the latest supported.

If 7.3 is supported, this will usually happen with the firmware is out of date.  Make sure BIOS, ESM/BCM, and PERC firmware are up to date.

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RE: OM Admin 7.3.0 - can't detect PE2800 PERC4 ?

According to the  OpenManage 7.3 users guide on page 11 : ftp://ftp.dell.com/Manuals/all-products/esuprt_software/esuprt_ent_sys_mgmt/esuprt_ent_sys_mgmt_opnm...   Shows that OMSA 7.3 only goes back through our 9th generation servers.   You will need to do a custom installation of version 6.5, and include the storage option so you can see the controller and arrays.


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