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OME Unknown Trap from Intel LAN Adapters

We keep getting the unknown alert in OME from Exchange servers detailed at the end of this post.  It appears to be a link up trap but is undefined.  I've tried loading the INTELLAN.mib into OME with then MIB Import utillity but it tells me the MIB is already installed.

Any suggestions on how to "define" this trap in OME?

Enterprise: . Trap Ids:Generic:6 Specific:1; (;0=19;1=<ipaddress>)



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Re: OME Unknown Trap from Intel LAN Adapters

Hello S Sumrall

There are some OIDs missing from OME's MIB. Abhijit is one of our software developers, and he commented on a similar post and indicated that the list should be updated in a new release later this year:



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RE: OME Unknown Trap from Intel LAN Adapters

Hello Dell support,

this unknown alert is still appearing in OME 2.2 , is these missing MIBs already added into the OME MIB library ? thanks

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