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OMSA \ini\ Folder

Hello, new to these forums. I am not well versed in using OMSA but I have a problem on one of my old Dell servers. The space on the server is being eaten up somewhere at an extremely fast pace, and after a thorough very search I've found that the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\omsa\ini\

...has more than 2.3 million files accounting for more than 10 GB.

My question is, what is in there? 

I am not able to see anything when I open it up, nor can I list the directory via CMD prompt, presumably due to the vast number of files inside. Therefore, I am not able to identify and/or delete any of the files. I know the root issue is determining what is creating the files; I logged into OMSA and was not able to find any options where log files of any kind get exported to this location.

We are in the process of decommissioning this server but we will still need to use it for several more months. Therefore I have to act on it. The server is very old and does not have any support.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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RE: OMSA \ini\ Folder


It is probably log files that are filling up the space. You can probably uninstall and reinstall omsa and shrink the size of the folder.

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