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Only 1 proxy working (OMIMSSC)


Got 2 proxy MS servers, both in DellProxyMSGroup group.

In OMIMSSC appliance all systems are discovered fine, but in scom I only see a part of the systems. 1 proxy is not working like it should. How to troubleshoot?

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Unfortunately, OMIMSSC isn't a software offering I have experience with, but you should find some information about the error looking in logs. There are 3 places to look.


1) In the appliance, https://APPLIANCE/Spectre/logs/ (the dlciappliance_main logs will likely have something)

2) Event Viewer SCOM Logs

3) Event Viewer Application Logs


This should help get some idea of why it isn't working as expected.

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Hi @Charlez79 

Please check following:

  • Had a sync with MSSC been performed after adding both the Proxy-MS? This step is required to configure the Proxy MS. [after adding Proxy MSes to the DellProxyMSGroup, Go to Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Dashboard -> Monitoring -> Server view -> Sync with MSSC] 
  • Are you seeing event ID 72 on both the Proxy-MS in windows event viewer-> Windows Logs -> Application ?(Source as Dell EMC OMIMSSC Configuration),[this is required to enable remote Powershell on the Proxy MS]
  • If you are not seeing the SCOM objects for the devices which are getting hosted on a Proxy MS, remote Powershell session authentication on that Proxy MS could be failing. Ensure to configure the user accounts as per the recommendation in installation guide

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>




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