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Open Manage on a non DELL SYSTEM


i have a dell san 660f and 51f. i would like to manage it with openmange but an installation is not possible because my server is a non dell system. is there a solution (except buy a dell box)?



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Re: Open Manage on a non DELL SYSTEM

Assuming a windows based system you can use array manager  (part of the openmanage suite also available as a standalone component) on the non-dell system to manage the 660F.If you want to do receive alerts you can use a third party SNMP management tool, to pickup the alerts from array manager and the 51F, your server may have its own instrumenation package available as well.

Dell Openmanage IT Assistant can be used as a central management console for the 660F and 51F as well, though you will need to setup custom groups for the 51F and any 3rdparty instrumentaion package.

Options (Customizing IT Assistant)

The Dell PowerVault 660F Storage System

SNMP Management - Dell PowerVault Switch Manager User's Guide



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