Other Method for Powering OFF servers?

I can use ipmitool to remote power ON/OFF my servers (Poweredge 1950s and R610s).  In general, this works great.

I use ipmitool to power ON a single server, then use RDP to connect to that server and power ON the other servers using WOL.  When it comes time to shutdown the servers, I send the Shutdown command to all servers (from the single server) and most of the time, they all shutdown without issue.

But occasionally, one or two servers will have some issue when trying to shut down and they will not power OFF but will be in some kind of 'hung' state.  I first try to connect to them via RDP or TightVNC and get them to shutdown.  But sometimes, they do not.  Then as a last resort, I will try using ipmitool to power the system OFF.  But because of the hung state of the machine, this does not work and the machine will not power OFF.

This is all with using the ipmi over lan through the NICs.

Just wanted to check and see if there was any other tool or if using impi over lan via the Drac boards was any more reliable in this type of situation.

(My last resort solution is to buy a remote power switch device to 'cut' power to the server itself in these types of situations).


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RE: Other Method for Powering OFF servers?


The first thing I would check is that the BIOS, Drac/ESM, Perc, and NIC are all current. Primarily the BIOS and iDrac/ESM.

R610 -

1950 -

Let me know if the update resolves the hanging.

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