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PowerEdge R630, Disable SMART Status

Hi all,

I come here to ask to you how to disable SMART status on the many physical disks in my Dell R630.

When i'm in the BIOS Setup (F2 just after power on), i'm going to the Physical Disk Management, i can see in "Advanced..."  this line: "SMART Status .... Enable".

I search but i don't find how to disable it. In fact, in my company we have to disable these status because it sends many error message that we judge useless.

If anyone know how to do it, please answer. We know that is not a recommended way to do but we have to.



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RE: PowerEdge R630, Disable SMART Status


The SMART feature monitors the health status of the physical disks and help detect predictable physical disk failures. SMART can identify changes in physical disk parameters and determine whether or not  the values are within threshold limits. We do not recommend disablement of this feature as it is vital to the reliable operation of RAID arrays and associated physical disks. You may use physical disks that are not SMART compliant.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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