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PowerEdge Traps Resolution Details.

Hi All

I'm very much looking for the Resolution/actions for the Traps recieved from

1) Server Agent for PowerEdge Servers.

2) Array Manager Agents for PowerDege Servers.

Well I went through the 10892.mib for Server Agents & arymgr.mib for

Array Manager Agent.  They only mention the description of the trap but not the

Resolution/Actions for the Trap. 


Please do let me know, from where can I get the Details of Resolution/Action

for the Traps received from the Various Agent of Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: PowerEdge Traps Resolution Details.


I don't believe that information is part of any of the mibs disctributed with the openmanage suite

Dell SNMP reference guide

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