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Problem using racadm to set CSR settings with latest iDRAC firmware

I have noticed a problem trying to set certain CSR settings whose values contain a space using racadm on iDRACs with the latest firmware.  I have a script I use to automate the configuration of all of our new DRACs, and nothing has changed recently with my script or the config it applies.  Before generating a CSR for each DRAC, my script applies the cfgRacSecCsr settings from a config file.

This morning I was getting errors from racadm when trying to apply settings from the config file.  I ran racadm config -c -f D:\CSR_Settings.cfg to verify the configuration file and it returned: ERROR: Invalid value in config file. Group: cfgRacSecurity, Object: cfgRacSecCsrOrganizationName, Value: "Company Name With Spaces", Line [3]

Editing the cfg file to remove the spaces results in it returning "RAC configuration file is valid"

This is a problem when trying to set cfgRacSecCsrOrganizationName and cfgRacSecCsrOrganizationUnit with a value that has a space in it.

I found one server that somehow still has an old version of the iDRAC firmware (version 1.30.30) and values with spaces for these settings work fine with it.

The firmware versions I can verify this is an issue on are 1.56.55 and 1.57.57.

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