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R310 motherboard replacement not working

Hello, I'm hoping someone will have some answers for me.  We have 2 - Poweredge R310 servers that just died on us (within a week) our support ended and we have a new R720 on the way.  I ordered 2 motherboards and put one in.  It will power up now (which was the original problem) but now there is no video and the fans are running at maximum.  If I were able to at least get the video to work then I would be able to get more information.

So far I have a new motherboard in place.  I removed all memory except for one stick.  There are no drives plugged in right now.

When the server is plugged in the fans immediately go to max.  The power light (on the power button) blinks slowly.

I appreciate any insight.  



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RE: R310 motherboard replacement not working

Hello Bob,

On the quad Pack of lights are any of them lit up or are all of them off. Also need to confirm that the system is at minimum components so it can post so need to only have the following installed to test.

  • System board
  • Processor with heatsink for prevention of over-heating
  • Power supply unit (PSU) (and for redundant PSU also the PDB)
  • Riser installed
  • Front panel (to power system ON)
  • Single DIMM configuration with DIMM in socket A1.

If you have the R310 at this point what error codes are you getting on the quad pack of lights?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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