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R420 PSU RYMG6 Firmware Update

I have an R420 that has redundant RYMG6 PSU installed. One is at version "07.15.7E" and the other is at version "05.07.0D". I downloaded the 32-bit DUP "Power_Firmware_JWTNW_WN32_07.15.7E_A01.EXE" from this link.


It gives the message: "Job Failed" when it is uploaded.

I also tried the "Power_Firmware_KCGDJ_WN32_07.15.7F.EXE" version from this link:


It gives the message: "Job Failed" when it is uploaded.


I then pulled the PSU from the system and rebooted. I got the same "Job Failed" message when uploading.


Are these the correct files to update the PSU from the idrac?

Where can I download a working firmware for the PSU for the idrac update?

What is the proper update procedure for this hardware/firmware combo?


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Re: R420 PSU RYMG6 Firmware Update

I was looking in the idrac lifecycle log and noticed the following detail on the "Job Failed" status message.

RED004: Job failed.
Log Sequence Number: 30906
Detailed Description:
The Job failed to execute due to an unknown error.
Recommended Action:
Check the uniform resource identifier (URI), target path and make sure the repository server is available.

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