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Remote Management of 1950 Poweredge

Hi, hoping someone will be able to help with this.

I have a 1950 Poweredge sat in a data centre, running ESXi6

I can log into ESXi using the vShpere client and manage my VMs fine.

What I'm trying to do though, is be able to manage the actual 1950 box remotely, instead of having to go to the data centre.

For example at the moment, I've had an additional hard disk added to the box, but need to activate it via the RAID bios. I can obviously do this direct from the box in the data centre, but I'd like to be able to manage everything remotely.

I downloaded the server management node to my PC yesterday, but I'm not able to log into the box using it. Says it doesn't recognise my credentials for some reason.

Is someone able to offer any advice?

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RE: Remote Management of 1950 Poweredge


The best option is to install a DRAC5 card which allows for remote console. 

Josh Craig
Dell EMC Enterprise Support Services
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