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SCCM 2012 question Under Server 2012

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pls help resolution follow question

1.Creat  a task in SCCM server about install OS to DELL precision R7610  or optiplex 9020 platform,SUT probabilistic reboot when running prepare network under WPE environment,press  shift+F8 when client computer running WPE,then ping server ,I found network is connect ,but the client computer still reboot,can't connect network,if setting a password with PXE under sccm/administrator/distribution/sccm properties ,then client computer boot PXE ,it is will need press password ,after press password a message accurs 'this task sequence cannot be running because the program file for PRO00001 cannot be located on a dis tribution' ,wait 20 s client computer  reboot  ,pls help the resolution error infor

2.I found a error infomation when   install OS by SCCM2012 ,client computer running apply OS package the step ,a error occurs 'task sequence has failed with the error code (0X80070032)for more information ,pls contact your system administrator



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Re: SCCM 2012 question Under Server 2012

Multiple reasons why this issue may occur --

1. PRO00001 package is pointing to a start program that isn't available on the Distribution point. I would try and redistribute the package to be safe.

2. 0X80070032 - Can occur due to multiple reasons -

a. The WinPE image associated with the task sequence is incorrect ( i.e 32 bit for  a 64 bit deployment or viceversa)

b. The Hard disk itself may be corrupt that WinPE isn't able to stage an image on it. The easiest way to handle that would be to boot with a WinPE locally and run diskpart clean command. ( diskpart ; select disk 0 ; clean)

Hope this helps.

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