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SCOM MP Version 7.2 with OMIMSSC not working

Hi, the mp is not updating the health state of the monitored servers.

scom 2019 RU1, OMIMSSC 7.2 appliance and 7.2 MP

Discovery set to 4h and Health state to 15min. 

Server and Rack Workstations monitoring (Licensed) Scalable feature in place and 2 Proxy Servers

Servers added in OMIMSSC are discovered in SCOM

As a test i pulled out the power cord of 1 of the 2 power supplies of an R440

After a few minutes the state of the server in OMIMSSC is changed to Critical.

In scom the server stays healthy.

So SCOM is not picking up changes in OMIMSSC.

What am i missing here?


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You are not missing anything


Case open for 9 days, and 0,0 feedback.

Not happy!


Hello, we apologize for the wait.

I have informed the case owner, and the case owner should be in touch via email. Thank you for your patience. 

Hello Karl, 


I checked on the case and your case owner Assia has emailed you an update.  

Did you receive the email this morning?



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Sent: 10/8/2020 3:49 AM
To: karl 
Subject: RE: Dell SR#xxxxxx- [ProNBD][ProNBD][ R440 - TAG#xxxxxx][Software reporting issue]





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I received an with the message that it was forwarded to IPS.





Can someone explain me how the alerting works using the OMIMSSC appliance in combination with SCOM MP 7.2?

I see that when adding a server to the OMIMSSC appliance, the ip of 1 of the proxyMS is added as snmp receiver in the idrac of the server. Are snmp traps sent to the proxyMS? But alerting in Idrac is not turned on???? So what is the point of that?



Hi @Charlez79 

The trap destination is set on the iDRAC as a Proxy MS IP address, to which the traps from iDRAC are sent. But if the alerts setting on iDRAC console is disabled, then the server alerts will not be received on SCOM. 

To receive alerts from device:

1. Ensure that "Alerts" and "SNMP trap" are not disabled on iDRAC console

You can use below RACADM commands to :

a. Enable Alerts (Master switch/setting)
config?-g cfgipmilan?-o cfgipmilanalertenable 1
b. Configure all SNMP Event Filters (All severities, All categories)
eventfilters set?-c idrac.alert.all?-a none?-n snmp

2. Provide the read community string run as account in SCOM -> Administration -> Run as Profiles -> SNMP Monitoring Account corresponding to the devices discovered. 

Thanks and regards,


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