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SNMP / SEL --updated errors

Hi guys.

A quick one.

I need a method in order to get UPDATED error data from IDRAC.

1) If a do a ssh <host> (IDRAC ip) and run a "racadm getsel", i get the last error, with the date. But it might be from a month ago. But the error is still on the LCD screen. Where can i see it?

Is there a way to RESCAN in order to get the sel populated with an "OK" or the "ERROR" per se?

2) ¿What about SNMP? ¿Is there an OID i can consult in order to get the general status of a server?

This question is for iDRAC5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Thank you!!!!


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Re: SNMP / SEL --updated errors


You can use one of our management tools. We have an OpenManage product line for monitoring and managing our servers. If you want to use something else then you can download the OpenManage MIBs from the system support page. The OID/MIB resource guide should be on the OpenManage Server Administrator support page.




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