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SNMP connections in Openmanage Essentials

I have OpenManage Essentials 1.1 and I have a question about SNMP connectivity.

I have several SC1435 servers so I can't install the Openmanage Server Administrator and I understand I can't therefore get full information, but I should at least be able to get basic info (such as is the computer turned on or not) via snmp.

I know my snmp is configured correctly, and when I bounce the service on the monitored server, an "SNMP Agent cold start message" shows up in the Essentials console alert. However the Essentials console doesn't seem to have any information - not even if the computer is on!

Is there any documentation on how much info I should be able to get from SNMP? Since it is a Dell server, I don't think I should need to do any MIB importing

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Re: SNMP connections in Openmanage Essentials

Hello schoolmark

The SC1435 is not a supported platform for OME. The reason it is not able to display whether the server is on/off is because it has to inventory the server before polling can take place. In order for OME to inventory a server it needs to be able to get the information from an agentless configuration like our 11th and 12th generation servers, or from an agent(OMSA) installed on one of the other systems. OMSA is partially supported on the 1435, so you can install OMSA 5.5 on the SC1435. If OME is able to pull an inventory from OMSA then it will initiate polling and you should be able to get an uptime status.

Is there any documentation on how much info I should be able to get from SNMP?

I was unable to find documentation on this, but basically it supports sending SNMPs on hardware log events. If there is an event reported in the hardware then it will send a trap for that event. It will also support sending very basic system information.

Monitoring system status of on or off is going to depend on an agent(OMSA) being installed on the server. If you can install OMSA, but OME still does not inventory the server then I would suggest testing IT Assistant as a monitoring program.


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