SNMP test trap not working from OMSA 8.5

I'm running OMSA 8.5.0 and the SNMP Test Trap function doesn't work. I've tried it on two servers now. I know SNMP is set up correctly because I see other traps from the servers go through to OME (e.g. SNMP startup traps) so I'm pretty sure OMSA is the problem.

Has anyone else seen/reported this?

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RE: SNMP test trap not working from OMSA 8.5

Thanks for choosing Dell EMC. This is not a reported issue for OMSA 8.5.
We can try to reproduce this on our local setup, if you can share some details about the system configuration used.
Please provide OS details on which OMSA is installed? Also, whether this was an upgrade of OMSA from previous release or a fresh installation.

Sahil J


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