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Sending test mail fails

I have recently set up alerts on two of my esxi hosts. The alert messages work on esx02 but not esx01. The only difference I can see is that I have the FQDN in the system host name of esx01. Could that be causing the issue? Every time I try to send a test message on esx01 the test message fails. The idrac firmware is already on the latest version 1.66.65.

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What server model are you working with? The latest iDRAC version wouldn't be 1.66.65, but they did move it to another category. If you can provide the server model, I can help you locate the correct firmware.


Hi there,

I'm using a Dell PowerEdge R720xd. This firmware version was what I downloaded from Dell's web site after searching by Service Tag. Is that not correct?


Unfortunately, it is not. 1.66.65 is a good version, it's just an old version from before the LCC and iDRAC firmware were bundled together. I'd verify that your LCC firmware is on the latest stand alone version, then run the package below.





Greetings from Dell.
with the information shared server mode R720xd (12G will have idrac7) and Firmware is
pls check on this from support site

on top of this updating with idrac, if not working then pls 
check if idracip is pinging the mail server?

some additional settings to check

Sirisha K



Thank you for the reply. My esxi host runs on Linux. It appears that the link you gave me was for Windows. Can I please have a Linux link for this firmware? Also, do you have some detailed instruction on how to do the update? Thanks.


Sorry, I guess I should clarify and state that I am running VMWare ESXI 6.0 for my OS.



Greetings from Dell.

Here is the link to download firmware for R720xd.

Irrespective of Host OS (windows/linux/Esxi ) firmware downloaded in .exe format will get updated through iDRAC GUI.
Steps: Launch idrac GUI->Maintenance ->update
choose the firmware downloaded file and upload.
once file is upload, install and go for reboot if required.

Thats it, these are the steps and not limited to any OS.
This is Host OS independent.

pls let me know, if this helps you or Need any further info.

sirisha k

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