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Server Administrator for Dell PowerEdge 4200?

On our Dell PowerEdge 4200 there is no download option for Server Administrator.  Is this not offered on the PE4200?  Can I install a version I downloaded for another server?  Could it be called something different for that server?  My download options for that server are:

Systems Management

Dell On Line Diagnostics

Dell OpenManage Array Manager

Dell OpenManage Cluster Assistant with ClusterX

Dell OpenManage Connection for CA Unicenter

Dell OpenManage Connection for HP OpenView Network Node Manager for Windows

Dell OpenManage Connection for Tivoli Enterprise Console

Dell OpenManage IT Assistant

Dell Remote Assistant Card II (DRAC II)

Hewlett Packard Network Node Manager Special Edition (NNM SE)

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Re: Server Administrator for Dell PowerEdge 4200?

The poweredge 4200 is an older generation server, which was no longer made when server administrator was developed. However assuming you are running windows NT 4 or Windows 2000 then you can install a hardware instrumentation package version 3.52  (The filename is hip352.exe) on the Dell File Library.
Also assuming you have a PERC controller you can use PERC Console to manage the raid controller within the operating system. (PC708i11.exe)
You can setup IT assistant to be used as the central management station and it will pickup alerts from the 4200.
(Dell used to use HP node manager prior to the advent of IT Assistant)

More Information on the hardware instrumentation package

Perc Console

IT Assistant

(PS if you are in the US, drop the .euro from the above url's)

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