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Server Assistantd does not accept Windows SBS 2003 on a Poweredge 2650??

I have just received a new Poweredge 2650, I've tried to install Windows SBS 2003 using the Dell Server Assistant as usual but I get the error message that I'm trying to install SBS 2000 and to insert the Windows 2003 Server CD.

I've rang Dell support and I've just been told that the Poweredge 2650 doesn't support Windows 2003 never mind SBS 2003, surly this is complete rubbish...

I've installed SBS 2000 on a great deal of Poweredge 2600 range without a problem, is it just case of carrying out a manual install ?

And then loading the Dell tools after?

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Re: Server Assistantd does not accept Windows SBS 2003 on a Poweredge 2650??

Windows server 2003 is certainly supported on the Poweredge 2650.
While the version of DSA (Dell server assistant) you have may not have an option for SBS on the 2650, it can be installed manually without problem all you need is the raid controller driver. (Windows 2003 tends to have the drivers by default).

You can update the network card drivers and install any other drivers post install from the DSA cd-rom

One issue you will encounter when installing server administartor 1.5 or later is support for RAC services (embedded Remote Access Controller). Because SBS acts as an AD & DNS server, the RAC support is not installed in the express installation and you will receive a warning to that effect.
The reason for this is due to the fact that the ERA  interface (PPP adapter) registers itself in DNS with the IP address, this can cause name resolution issues for clients trying to logon.
A custom install allows you to select the RAC services, but you must make several changes post install and it works perfectly.

1. Set DNS to listen on the correct Network interface card
2. Remove any entries in DNS console (The same as parent record will remain, this causes no problems)
3. Edit the PPP address book to prevent the PPP adapter re-registering itself
4. Finally flush the DNS cache - ipconfig /flushdns & /registerdns

As you can see this process requires some knowledge of DNS to implement and may not be for everyone.

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Re: Server Assistantd does not accept Windows SBS 2003 on a Poweredge 2650??

Thanks Sean,

I was sure that the guy at Dell front line support was talking rubbish when he told me that the 2650 was not supported that's why I entered the forum to confirm that there were technical reasons.

I'd decided to install the 2003 SBS manually anyway, after all Dell sell the same server with the 2003 OS!

Thanks for the advice on RAC very valid information I will be using this service for server administration and will be following your advice once I get down to installing the server administrator.

Many thanks

Christopher Brisley

Xperta Technology Limited


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