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Server alert via email

Hi all, i would like to send alerts to email when server is not working properly due to hardisk failure or other OpenManage Alerts.

"Server" - dell R310 and R510.

right now im using http://www.tachytelic.net/2010/03/setting-up-e-mail-alerts-from-dell-openmanage-omsa/

my only concern is that if server is shutted down, lets say due power failure and a hard disk crushes while its down, when it come alive it wont send me email alert (after windows 2008 r2 is starting).

also i would like to have a scheduled check, that will send me mail every 48 hours with status of server to a certain Email.

How can i do it ?

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RE: Server alert via email

Hi hooked,

As you said, OMSA is great for reporting server status when the server is booted into the OS, but it does have limitations when the server goes down or is powered off.

The solution here is to utilize the features of an optional Dell DRAC card, which will communicate with OpenManage products and send reports, even when the server is powered off.

For more information about the Dell DRAC, please go to:

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RE: Server alert via email

In regards to sending Email alerts via OMSA, there are a couple of other threads that have some solutions:
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