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Settings won't apply in BIOS

From the iDRAC screen, I am trying to set the BIOS setting "Set Boot Order Enable" to "NIC.Integrated.1-3-1,HardDisk.List.1-1".  When hit "Apply" it shows this as the pending value. I then click "Reboot and Apply." It goes through the reboot process, I see the BIOS application screen on the console, but then when I view the setting in the iDRAC once it's done, it is reverted back to the previous setting, "NIC.Integrated.1-1-1,HardDisk.List.1-1."

/redfish/v1/Systems/System.Embedded.1/EthernetInterfaces/NIC.Integrated.1-3-1 shows that the interface has a link and is up.

Any idea what I need to check/enable/disable?

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Hello. Thanks for choosing Dell.

"Integrated.1-3-1" -> here, is PXE enabled? 

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