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We have been having fairly poor luck in getting our OM envrionment enabled.

We have a network spanning several subnets that are all "trusted" networks (no acls filtering traffic between sites).

The AD topology is a tree with the ITA device at the root (think itamain.local, site1.itamain.local, site2.itamain.local etc.)

All resources are 100% standardized (who could ask for anything more) windows 2003 (no sp) on the servers and Windows XP sp1 on the workstations.

We have installed managed server instrumentation on the PEservers and client instrumentation on the Optiplexes.

We have SNMP installed and the community string configured on all the devices with traps sent to the ITA server delimited by IP addy.

We were able to get the ITA server to recognize itself and the server in our prototype lab but not any other device including production servers(other than the ITA), and clients both production and test.

We have checked the SNMP service both the security settings (all set to our internal Read Write community string) and the traps (also set to that same community string and set to send to the ita server by ip addy.)

We have checked the registry Extension agents and they have the OM\DataEngine
SNMP Agent Data and the RFC1156Agent Data.

We have checked versioning of the instrumentation and the ITA on all resources.

Initially we could not even get it to detect anything but itself but after uninstalling Managed Server admin and SNMP then installing SNMP configuring it restarting the service and then installing Managed Server Admin did we get to pick it up. However trying these steps on the production servers proved fruitless.

We are at our wits end help!

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Re: Unclassified

Oh yeah the problem is it detects everything but as unclassified and clicking on it says that the devices have no instrumentation, and allows no functionality.

We can access the other servers from the ITA by typing in their name in a browser over 1311.

Calling dell TS they had me DL and run an SNMP app that picked up the remote production servers fine. They were at their wits end as well. The frustrating part is we standardized so that we could better monitor and manage everything.
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Re: Unclassified

IT Assistant version 7.0 has a new troubleshooting tool that will throw some light on why the system is not being discovered. As a guess I would say that the SNMP security settings have not been setup to allow access from the IT Assistant management station.

Some key points when configuring SNMP in a wiindows environment.

  1. Ensure the community name is correct of all nodes (this also includes the management station). Note. the SNMP community name is case sensitive, so comunities like "public" and "Public" are two different communities.
  2. Set the Trap Destination to be the ip address or hostname of your management station. This is to ensure snmp alerts work correctly, if you haver defined an Event filter and associated alert action in IT asistant.
  3. In the security settings ensure the correct SNMP community is set, security can be set to read-only, however if you want to carry out SNMP SET operations via IT assistant , then it must be set the read-create.
  4. Also in security settings make sure the node can accept SNMP packets from the IT Assistant management station
  5. If you have a firewall between the nodes and the management station you will probably need to open port 161 to allow SNMP traffic through.
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