Why OME and OMSA report different firmware versions to upgrade ??


I have around 50 Dell R610 running Linux in my environment to maintain, I have centralized OME 1.2 installed to keep an eye on this servers. The problem one is that I cannot do firmware upgrades through OME (but that I can explain because we have some randomized access policies , sudo accounts etc.). But anyway I will show an example to explain the problem. So there is a example server and this is how is he shown in OME in Non-Compliant Systems:

As You can see he is claiming that installed version for PERC is 12.10.4-0001 (which is CORRECT) and Available version to upgrade is 12.10.6-0001

So let jump directly on machine and see how it looks there.

So running omreport on PERC it is also reporting properly installed version of firmware, but here the Available version reported is 12.10.5-0001. WTH ??

Ok lets try one more command.

Here it also finds out the proper version of currently installed firmware but here it reports that there is no updates available !! ??

Anyone knows some good way to updates firmware manually on Red Hat Linux then ??

Best Regards, Jacek

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RE: Why OME and OMSA report different firmware versions to upgrade ??


This is due to the version of OMSA installed is recent and is showing the newest update in the repository. The omreport is going off information from the latest update and isn't querying the updated repository that OMSA see's. What you see is simply cosmetic as OMSA will have the most current update available at the time of the repositories creation. 

Let me know if this helps.

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