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dcnetmon memory usage

Hi All,
I am running ITA 7 on a test server before upgrading our production ITA 6.5.
I noticed today that dcnetmon was using 440MB of RAM (explains why the box was a bit sluggish).  It's now dropped to a 'meagre' 246MB.  Is this normal for ITA 7.0?
I installed SP1 for 2003 on the server recently and ran the Security Configuration Wizard, which detected ITA and associated bits.  Would this have any bearing on the memory consumption?
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Re: dcnetmon memory usage

These are the guidelines for hardware configuration to run IT Assistant

Small (up to 500 Managed Systems)

Processor - 1 processor (1.8-GHz minimum)
Memory - 512 MB
Disk Space - at least 1 GB

Large (500 + Managed Systems)

Processor - 2 to 4 processors (800-MHz minimum)
Memory - 1-2 GB
Disk Space - as much as 5

Planning Your IT Assistant Installation

* When managing an environment with more than 2000 devices, you must
  increase the amount of memory allocated to the JRE heap.

  To do so, go to the Windows Control Panel and click the "Java"
  icon to display the "Java Control Panel". Click the "Java" tab.
  Then click "Java Applet Runtime Settings | View...". Enter the
  following in the "Java Runtime Parameters" section:



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