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iDRAC 7 inaccessible after Openmanage install

I have been noticing an issue accessing iDRAC 7 Enterprise through the IP generated on my Poweredge T420's screen. This started to happen once i installed OpenManage recently, htinking it would give me something extra within iDRAC, from what Dell's site said. The package i installed was OM-iSM-Dell-Web-X64-3.6.0-2255_A00.exe. This seemed to install another network adapter "Remote NDIS Compatible Device". Every since that showed up, i can no longer access iDRAC using the internal IP. I tried disabling that new adapter, but i still can't get to it. Any ideas what i can do so i can get to it again?

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Dell Technologies

Can you uninstall OM-iSM-Dell-Web-X64-3.6.0-2255 and see whether you are able to access iDRAC. Are you accessing iDRAC from aonther client or from the server itself. Also clarify what IP are you using and whether iDRAC is in dedicated or in shared mode.

DELL-Shine K


Thanks for your response Shine,

I did try to uninstall it and reboot the server, but it still wasn't working. The new 3rd network connection was still there as well after the uninstall, but i didn't think to uninstall the manually, as i thought the Openmanage uninstall would have take it with it. The IP of the iDRAC that the outer screen shows is I usually go into the iDRAC through a computer on my local network. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by dedicated or shared mode, though the iDRAC card does have its own ethernet cable plugged in if that helps.


Can you install iDRAC Tools from below link and run "racadm getniccfg" command. this command will give details on iDRAC network link, IP and mode

DELL-Shine K


Sure, here's what it returned:


C:\Users\Administrator>racadm getniccfg

IPv4 settings:
NIC Enabled = 1
IPv4 Enabled = 1
DHCP Enabled = 1
IP Address =
Subnet Mask =
Gateway =

IPv6 settings:
IPv6 Enabled = 0
DHCP6 Enabled = 1
IP Address 1 = ::
Gateway = ::
Link Local Address = ::
IP Address 2 = ::
IP Address 3 = ::
IP Address 4 = ::
IP Address 5 = ::
IP Address 6 = ::
IP Address 7 = ::
IP Address 8 = ::
IP Address 9 = ::
IP Address 10 = ::
IP Address 11 = ::
IP Address 12 = ::
IP Address 13 = ::
IP Address 14 = ::
IP Address 15 = ::

LOM Status:
NIC Selection = dedicated
Link Detected = Yes
Speed = 1Gb/s
Duplex Mode = Full Duplex
Active NIC = Dedicated

Static IPv4 settings:
Static IP Address =
Static Subnet Mask =
Static Gateway =

Static IPv6 settings:
Static IP Address 1 = ::
Static Prefix Length = 64
Static Gateway = ::


Can you check whether iDRAC IP is pinging from the computer from where you are accessing iDRAC. If yes can you SSH  to iDRAC Ip and see whether that works. 

You can also reset iDRAC by running command "racadm racreset" from the host and check the behavior once iDRAC is rebooted

DELL-Shine K


Yes i do get ping results for the, i have never done SSH before, so i'm not quite sure how to do that.

I did just run the reset command, got the getniccfg once it was finished rebooting to verify the same IP was correct, and when i try to go to the IP in my browser, it still says unable to connect.


You can download putty software and use it to connect to iDRAC using SSH. You can give iDRAC IP and connect using port number 22 and SSH on putty.

DELL-Shine K


Ok, i was able to get that to work which is good. I prefer the GUI over CLI though, so i don't understand why i can't get to it


Which operating system and browser are you using to access iDRAC. Can you ensure browser is configured as per below link
Can you also try with a different browser or machine to access iDRAC and see whether that works.

DELL-Shine K

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