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iDRAC Not Ready error, and other oddities on the M1000e GUI (help needed)


not 100% if this is the right forum (if not shout and ill move the post)

 we have a couple of M1000e chassis deployed and following some network failover testing it would appear that we are seeing some odd behavour on the systems.


things noticed so far

Some of the service tags are no longer showing and the power state of these servers is off (they are on and we can get to most of them via RDP)

We are no longer able to connect to these no service tag servers via iDRAC GUI's (either directly or via the M1000e GUI)

The iDRAC settings ware showing random settigns (again only on the servers that have no Service tag), having been configured and working in the past they now show either random IP addresses and invalid subnet masks or all's, we get an error of "iDRAC Not Ready" when we try to configure them.

Power control on these servers does not work. "iDRAC Not Ready" error when trying.

 The slot names have NOT changed.

CMC firmware = 1.01, upgrade is planned but not for a month as live service is being provided and we still have some access.

iDRAC firmware (from a working blade) = is whatever was shipped with the units, ive tried checking on a "working" blade but that stopped it "working" from an iDRAC point of view 😞

does anyone have any thoughts as its starting to bug me 🙂

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Re: iDRAC Not Ready error, and other oddities on the M1000e GUI (help needed)

The resolution to this was to power off and physically remove and reseat the servers, this has resolved each server that was showing these problems, however we still have a couple of server that are providing live service which we havent been able to shutdown so if anyone else has any idea's or solutions then please let me know.




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