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iDRAC Vflash Question

We have a new R420 server with iDRAC 7 Enterprise and Vflash.  We have an 8GB SD card in it.  I've never used one before and I can't seem to find an answer to my question.  This is going to be a regular physical server at one of our remote locations.  I would like to have an ISO of Server 2008 R2 on the card so that we can boot from it if there was ever a need to reinstall the OS on the server.  Can this be done?  If so, how do I get it working?  The GUI only allows uploads of 2GB per file.  The ISO is just over 3GB.  I'm also curious as to what else people use this card for on their servers?  What other kind of software do you keep on it?

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RE: iDRAC Vflash Question

iDRAC GUI only allows to upload ISO image which less than 2GB. This is due to browser limitation. You can use racadm command to upload ISO file which is more than 2GB. Refer iDRAC User Guide for more details


User Guide is available @


Section "Creating a Partition Using an Image File" have more details on this




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RE: iDRAC Vflash Question

In addition to racadm, WSMAN commands may be run.

See Best Practice Guide and scripts (section 4.4 & section 11)


high level link:


Regards, steve

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