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[iDRAC] Why is RACADM using such a lot of ports/connections while uploading files

Hey all!

Basic Info:
Dell R630/R730 with iDRAC8 Enterprise
racadm V8,3
iDRAC: V2.30.30.30

Im using racadm.exe to update the device firmware and idrac/lc firmware on my dell server systems.
Often the upload fails with "ERROR: Unable to transfer update files to the RAC.". If I try the same command a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time, the upload is successful.
I noticed that racadm is establishing a whole lot of connections and terminating them while uploading the files. I can see a lot of "TIME-WAIT" TCP connections between my "RACADM System" and the "idrac https-port".
Is this behavior normal? Or is this behavior a indication for some other issues?

Using the following command
racadm.exe -r %iDRACdnsname%:%httpsPort%" -u %adminuser% -p %adminpw% update -f "%Full Filename with blanks to DUP%"

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