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iDRAC6 - Auto Discovery How To

Recently we begain having new servers shipped with Auto Discovery option selected on the iDRAC. The intention was to have DHCP assign IP and have iDRAC register with DNS. The IP was assigned, but discovered when set to Auto the Root/User and Password are disabled. How dilema now is how to access the server to finish our deployment in a true lights out mode. We have looked through all the deployment guides, etc and did see that the account would be disabled. We also us Standard AD and have SCCM. Any direction would be appreciated.
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Re: iDRAC6 - Auto Discovery How To

Make sure you have the latest version of "Lifecycle Controller Integration for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (DLCI for ConfigMgr)"

Auto Discovery relies on a provisioning server in your network.  When the system is powered on it contacts the provisioning server and gets the initial user/password.  This also lets the console know there is a system that needs to be configured.  At that point the console (SCCM) can setup AD.

For more info on auto-discovery see "Dell Auto-Discovery Network Setup Specification":

Note: vCenter users would use "Dell Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter"

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