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ibmmibs.txt for latest Dell IT Assistant

First off,

Dell openmanage essentials makes it alot easier to import NON-Dell Mibs than ITA, however, I don't have server 2008 and so I can only use Dell IT assistant.

As per here http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1971.aspx

Dell have demonstrated that ITA can be used to monitor non dell servers by importing HPMIBS, my problem is the amount of  work that needs to go into changing the Non DELL MIB into a txt file that can be imported into ITA.

In the article above a file HPMIBS.txt was created.

Does anyone have the same type of file for IBM xseries (236) server ?

Or can someone tell me where to get the IBM MIBS ?

My life would be alot easier if Openmanage essentials could be installed on server 2003.

The fact that Dell mention the change from ITA to OME is very straight forward is not true, since it also involves an upgrade to derver 2008..




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