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remote console for iDRAC6, alerting instrumentation


We're going to deploy standalone R410 system on remote outlet which can be accessed from a city via satellite internet (VSAT) 64 kb/s. The system will run as a virtualization host. I'm looking for monitoring and alerting instrumentation for this server. It has got iDRAC6 Enterprise card installed, so it would be preferrable not to install OMSA (just use iDRAC functions if possible).

I read about OME here:

It seems that OME works as a central point that gathers information from many systems? If so, I think it would be too heavy solution for our case (standalone R410 system). Besides, I failed to install OME on my desktop computer (Win7 Prof. 64-bit) for a reason "Unsupported OS".

So I'm looking for:

1) Remote console (GUI is preferrable) to enter USC-LCE, PERC and iDRAC configuration utilities, to see power on messages, etc.

2) A way to recieve alerts from iDRAC about PSU and HDD failures, temperature warnings, and so on. Possible e-mail messages will do?

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Re: remote console for iDRAC6, alerting instrumentation


OME (Open Manage Essentials) is essentially the replacement to IT Assistant (ITA). It works in conjunction with OMSA to monitor and send alerts about the servers to you via SNMP and GUI. You would install OMSA on each of the servers you wish to monitor. Then you install OME on your system you wish to monitor FROM. It basically makes a GUI Overview of all the servers. Instead of per server as with OMSA alone.

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