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I have bought a R 210 II rack server. And installed Windws 2008 Server Std. Ed. R2. It has PERC H200 6Gbps SAS RAID card, and two SAS HDs.

I wish to see SMART data, but couldn't. There is a test utiliy in Lifecycle controller which tells smart att. But I still wish to see in Windows 2008.

Is there a chance to get smart data from raid topologies ?

Then I am going to tell one of these tools: "send me an e-mail if smart data detected."

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Peter Tsai
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Re: smart

I know you can set up storage alerts including SMART alerts using the Storage Management on OMSA (OpenManage Server Administrator) currently, but with the current generation of IDRAC and Lifecycle controller this isn't currently possible.

The following documentation outlines predictive failure SMART alert events using OMSA

Follow this link for information about OMSA

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