Cannot boot to external USB DVD drive on PE R720XD

I am trying to boot to the recently created DVD from the ISO i downloaded from the Support site for this server.

I burned the image contained in OM_SMTD_720_A01.iso.

I have attempted to boot to 2 different, known working external USB DVDRW drives with no success.

I've attached the drive to both the front and rear USB ports.  

I've gone into System Setup / BIOS to look for boot to USB options with no success.

I've also gone into F11 boot manager to look for it there.  It is not listed there.

I really need to get this server up and running as so any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

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RE: Cannot boot to external USB DVD drive on PE R720XD


USB boot does not need to be enabled like older servers. It is always on. When you go to the F11 boot manager are you checking to see what media is detected? The listed boot devices are mediums, the types of devices for that medium are listed in subcategories. For instance, when you highlight hard disk there will be a pop out menu that will list all available hard disk boot devices. You can then select the boot device from that submenu.

If you don't see your device there then go to the system BIOS and review the boot settings. Go into either BIOS or UEFI boot settings depending on the boot mode you have selected and look at all of the available devices. If your devices are not listed in any of these places then the system is unable to properly communicate with them.


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RE: Cannot boot to external USB DVD drive on PE R720XD

There is an option within the BIOS to enable front, rear and / or internal USB ports.  I have enabled all of them, but only tried front and rear.

I've tried 2 known good external USB optical DVD drives, neither are picked up / detected.

I am unable to see my device anywhere, even after following the directives from our dell support engineer.

Something else seems to be wrong here.  Need to get it figured out.

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RE: Cannot boot to external USB DVD drive on PE R720XD

These are the instructions i received from our Dell Support engineer, that I've followed to no avail.

You'll want to try and access the Bios Boot Manager, this will be F11 at the Dell logo. Once this loads, you'll want to select System Settings, then select System bios. On the next screen you'll want to select Boot Settings, then Bios Boot Settings. On this page, the optical drive should be listed. On my test box, it was listed as unknown Back DVD/RW. If your optical drive is not listed at this point, you may want to try another usb optical drive. I then unchecked and then checked the device again, then clicked finish in the lower right corner. I kept clicking finish all the way out of the bios until the server restarted. Once it restarted, press F11 at the Dell logo again. Once loaded to the interface, selected Bios Boot Menu and then was able to boot to the USB optical drive.

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