Configuring LAN Parameters on iDRAC 6 Enterprise

To save costs my employer is moving to racks without physical consoles/KVM installed. But I still need to configure iDRAC6 Enterprise, paricualrly the IP (LAN) and User/Admin username and password. So far I have done this from the rack console on the first boot once the server is installed.

Dell don't provide server docs with the MAC address of the iDRAC6 installed in the server system so using DHCP to assign the IP is out. And the iDRACs do not have a serial interface.

So. I guess I'm going to have to attach a laptop with a 192.168.0. n network onfigured, conenct via a crossover cable and telnet into the the iDRAC on its default address and then use the SM-CLP Command Line Interface to configure the card? Is this the way to go?


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RE: Configuring LAN Parameters on iDRAC 6 Enterprise

I had a similar problem today, 40 new R410s showed up in the lab with power and ethernet and nothing more.

Since the iDRACs are all preconfigured with the IP I was able to log into a random machine on the same subnet/switch stack, setup an alias in the 192.168.0.x range and used arping to get a list of MAC addresses for all systems that use that IP.

# arping -c 40
ARPING from eth0
Unicast reply from [00:26:B9:58:E3:FA] 1.037ms
Unicast reply from [00:26:B9:58:E3:70] 1.109ms
Unicast reply from [00:26:B9:59:89Smiley Very Happy3] 1.149ms
Unicast reply from [00:26:B9:58:E1:CC] 1.216ms

I used a perl script to go through that list of MAC addresses, add a static DHPC entry for the DRAC and the host's primary interface (on he R410 simply subtract 2 from the DRAC's MAC address) and point the host to a default PXE target, then create a static ARP entry to ssh into the DRAC, switch it from static to DHCP, and reset the host so it can PXE boot.
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