DDP 1.2 - OEM Deployment Action error - "HAPI Driver Load Error."

I've installed DDP 1.2 on my SCCM SP2 server.

I've imported the Custom Reboot Script and Deployment Toolkit Integration packages and sent them around to all my distribution points.

I've run the "Create Dell Server Boot Image" wizard twice - once each for x86 and amd64 architectures. When I ran the wizard, I pointed it at existing images that I've been using in configmgr - ones that have appropriately configured hosts files and some additional scripts that I need to have available to my task sequences.

I've built a winPE bootable CD w/ the DTK tools on it so that I could boot a machine in a standalone DTK environment and make sure my syntax is correct.

Now i'm trying to put it all together and let SCCM/DDP do some machine pre-configuration before installing an OS. I'm running against a bare-metal box. My provisioning target is an R210.

My task sequence is set to use the 32 bit image that the DDP boot image wizard created. The first step int he task seq works fine - it connects back to the MP and sets "RebootStep" variable on the machine record for the box that I'm running on. Next up, it's time to configure some BIOS settings - my TS step says that I'm going to run the Set BIOS Config command line, and i'm using an argument of "--embsataraid=ata --noraidprompt" - I've already sanity checked this syntax, so I know it to be good. The step fails with an error code of 0x00000090.

The smsts.log has this to say (lots of stuff left out, i'm transcribing from a KVM - no copy/paste) :

Starting execution of OEM Deployment Action
SCRIPT VERSION: DSDP 1.2 - 02/11/10


ExecuteTask: Step Name : Load Dell HAPI drivers
ExecuteTask: Executable : hapint.exe


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RE: DDP 1.2 - OEM Deployment Action error - "HAPI Driver Load Error."

ExecuteTask: Step Name : Set System Configuration
ExecuteTask: Executable : syscfg.exe

ExecuteTask: Executing the command like : syscfg.exe --embsataraid=ata --noraidprompt
RunCmd: Defaulting to timeout value of 600

Output from Command Execution

RunCmd: ######
RunCmd: Piped output from the command:

HAPI Driver Load Error.

RunCmd: #######

Do I need to roll a winPE that has the HAPI drivers built in? It LOOKS like the DDP knows enough to try to load them first, but that's obviously failing.
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