I am Epoc, new in the forum, sorry if my English is not very academic, I try to do the best ..

For my company, I set up an application under linux, for the inventory of the computer park, this app is GLPI, and in this app, there is a plugin that allows to trace the dates of the PC warranty , laptop and DELL server, but for that, I have a field to fill in with a DELL API key.

The name of the plugin is Import Manufacturer.

 During my research, I found in a forum a key (d676cf6e1e0ceb8fd14e8cb69acd812d), but it is no longer valid.

How to get a new valid key?

Some years ago, I use this plugin, with the old version of GLPI, and he was using me strong, as it went up the machine properly warranty dates, but now it must pass through the use of a key for that.

I have 150 machines (PC, laptop, server ..) and do everything by hand ... it's very tedious ... with a high risk of error ...

I attached a file as an example of the API key field, 
And as unsupported servers because the key is not valid.


Thank you in advance if someone can offer me a solution for obtaining this key ..



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