Dell Open Manage Array Manager logon and password.

I pulled the following msgs from the Dell open forum today.

I was originally looking for info on how to reset the Dell Open Manage Array Manager logon and password.

My quirk is the same as the one outlined in the original msg that follows, but I am running an OS of WIN2K Advance Server.

The Dell rep installed and configured the software during the initial install.

Any assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.


After installing Dell Open Manage Array Manager, and start the Array Manager / MMC Array Manager I am prompted for a username and password which are part of the local administrators group. However when I try to use any of the accounts withing the group non are accepted and I get the message
" Access Denied, you do not have suffiicient access to this resource"
I have made sure that the account that I am using has all rights to everything on the machine. But I still get same message.
Please advise with a resolution
Running NT 4.0 Server

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RE: Dell Open Manage Array Manager Options

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