Dell OpenManage: Lost & Confused

Hello Guys and Gals,

I currently work in a VMWare Data Center, and I've been asked to setup an OpenManage server. Sounds easy enough from the way things were explained to me. Yeah, not so much after reading Google for the last 2 hours. 99% of our systems run ESXi 5.x and above. Several of our systems run a beta version of ESXi.

My question is; can I run this in a VM, and manage all my systems from there? We probably have about 50k Dell Servers, ranging from 29xx series to Dell Rx40s. I've read quite abit about installing them through vCenter (we don't get access to this or customer OSs), so that really isn't an option, if it's a requirement, I suppose I could put in ticket requests.

So, what I'm asking is; where do I start? Is running it from a virtual machine a plausible scenario or does it need to be a barebone box? Sorry for the noobish questions, I'm trying to do this all through a VM now, and test with it. It's a struggle... Any help would be great.

Apologize if this is the wrong forum, I wasn't entirely sure where to put it.

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