Dell Openmanager vCenter 0n ESXi5.5 Install issues

Hi all, wondering if you can help me on my install of this product. I'm not super IT guy so bear with me so I can get the details out.

Brand new ESXi 5.5 install on a Dell R610. Single Host installation with one vCenter Appliance running. I have downloaded the new 2.0 version & have installed the appliance & registered. I can sign in using a web browser to the OMSA appliance & can open the Dell interface through the vCenter web client.

I have completed the configuration wizard. Retrieving an initial Inventory failed.

I can bring up the overview screen (from vCenter client) & see that my host is non-compliant, cool. OMSA status = not installed. Compliance / vSphere / Hosts , I click non-compliant Hosts button and select the host using the wizard. I leave the Reboot at the automatic setting & kick off the process.

Viewing the recent Tasks pane in the vSphere Client (logged into the vCenter) the first job is to put the host into Maintenance mode. It gets to 2% then craps out. I get a warning saying that VM's can't be shut down. Okay fine, so I have removed all VM's from the host. This leaves just the Dell & vCenter appliances on the host now.

Read somewhere today that all installed appliances/VM's should be set to manual start-up on the ESXi host (These 2 appliances were set to auto).

Repeated process & the install of the OMSA stops at the 2% mark again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated & over to all you tech heads out there!!!!!!! 

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RE: Dell Openmanager vCenter 0n ESXi5.5 Install issues


Here is a walkthrough I created for getting OMSA functional in ESXi, I understand from your post you have performed most of this. Could you review your steps with this and see if anything differs. Such as the UserVars.CIMvmw_OpenManageProviderEnabled section.

Let me know how it goes.

This is the link and instructions for installing OMSA 6.5 on ESXi.

Download the Dell OpenManage Offline Bundle and VIB for ESXi 5


Log onto a Windows machine on the same network.

Type in the IP of the ESXi server in a Internet Explorer window.

       Download the VI Remote CLI tool, or Vsphere. Those tools can be downloaded right there from the webpage that comes up.

Install the offline VIB bundle

  Copy the OMSA 6.5 VIB to the ESXi host (/var/log/vmware or /vmfs/volumes/<datastore>)

  Run the following command from the vSphere CLI prompt:

esxcli.exe --server <server> software vib install –d <remote path to VIB>


C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin>esxcli.exe --server software vib install -d /var/log/vmwar/Dell_OpenManage_ESXi_OM650-offline_bundle-467660.zip

Enter username: root

Enter password:

Installation Result

Message: The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the   changes to be effective.

Reboot Required: true

VIBs Installed: Dell_bootbank_OpenManage_6.5-0000

VIBs Removed:

VIBs Skipped:

Reboot, Check Software > Advanced Settings for UserVars.CIMvmw_OpenManageProviderEnabled should already be set to 1

Verify OMSA VIB on ESXi 5

esxcli.exe --server <server> software vib list


C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin>esxcli.exe --server software vib list

Enter username: root

Enter password:

Name                    Version                             Vendor  Acceptance Level  Install Date

----------------------  ----------------------------------  ------  ----------------  ------------

Dell-Configuration-VIB  5.0-0                               Dell    PartnerSupported  2011-10-05

Dell-License-VIB        5.0-0                               Dell    PartnerSupported  2011-10-05

OpenManage              6.5-0000                            Dell    VMwareAccepted    2011-10-05

That installs the server side of it.


This is for the workstation -

Download OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node version 6.5 from Dell’s support site (not the OpenManage Server Administrator Web Services under the ESXi downloads)


On a separate windows machine install OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node and choose ‘Custom’ install.

When choosing features make sure Server Administrator Web Server is selected (If installing on a desktop it could be the only option).

Once the install is complete, double-click on the server administrator icon.

On the login page Enter the ESXi server ip address, use root for the user, and the  root password. Make sure to check the option to ignore certificate warnings.

Done! You should be able to access the OpenManage Managed Node Web Interface.

Chris Hawk

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RE: Dell Openmanager vCenter 0n ESXi5.5 Install issues

Hi Chris H,

Thanks for this. None of this looks to fimiliar. I forgot to mention that I was following these videos to the tee :


I get to 1.31 of this video

Compliance Wizard overview. (Version 1.6)

Thats when it craps out.




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RE: Dell Openmanager vCenter 0n ESXi5.5 Install issues

Complete tosh the new Dell Openmanage appliance. Got it all installed but it can't run a bloody inventory check. It stops at 2% saying all the VM's have to be shut down. As I'm using the vCenter appliance & Openmanage appliance, it just sits there. I can force the ESXi host into maintenance mode via the vCenter client, but not from the automated Dell process.

Get it all booted up again, start the inventory check again & choose the manaul ESXi into maintenace option. Do this then set ESXi host to maintenance mode then wait........................... and wait..............................

Complete trash.

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