Encrypt data on SCv2020

Hello, We have a requirement to "encrypt data at rest". Looking for advice on the easiest way to do that. The environment is two PowerEdge 530s with TMP chips in a Microsoft Hyper-V cluster with FBA connected to an SCv2020 (the virtual machines are on a drive on the SCv2020s). We just need to encrypt the customer data. I want to take no chance that encrypting the data would make it less recoverable or lock us out in any situation. I am thinking I might be able encrypt SQL Server data, the VMs hard drive, or the SCv2020s.

By any chance, is the SCv2020 already encrypted in such a way that would meet this requirement?

Is their any way to encrypt SCv2020 storage?

Does anyone have suggestions?

The requirement is more a check box than a security consideration - if bad guys get physically to the systems, then we have bigger problems.



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