Error connecting to DRAC using IE

ok im not sure about this one.
Following a reboot on our ITA server (required by Anti Virus) we now get the following error when connecting to any of the DRAC 5 connection on the PE2950's, however the CMC on the M1000e's and the iDRAC work fine. This only occur's within Internet Explorer, firefox works fine, however im not sure of anyway to get firefox to be used as default by ITA.
Im not sure if this server (Win2k3 r2 32bit) has had any windows updates applied prior to the reboot however it is possible.
has anyone else seen this? or got any suggestions?
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Thanks in advance.
(sorry for the mass postings some things that have been bugging me for a while and only just had time to look into them in details as well as some new things)   
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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

Thanks for posting!  Usually problems like that can be fixed by clearing the browser cache.  Sometimes it is necessary to reset the DRAC, you can use the command:


racadm racreset


Type that in a command prompt on the server if you have OMSA installed.

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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

I am seeing the same thing when connecting to DRAC 5's using IE 6 and IE 7.  DRAC 5's work with Firefox.  DRAC 4's work with IE and Firefox.  This started happening recently, though I can't pinpoint exactly when it started failing since I don't use DRAC connections every day.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Is Dell aware of the problem?  I may just call Support...
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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

I'm also getting this on my R900's and a new R805.  Actually, I can't connect to any of my DRAC5's now.  I can connect with FireFox, but can't use the media or console plug-ins.


I did actually call Dell support, the rep had no idea what was going on and when he tried to generate a case he said his PC crashed, so he would email me the info later.  Never did get it.


My assumption was it broke after a recent IE7 update since IE6 seems to work.  None of my IE7 machines can hit the DRAC5.


I tried to re-flash the firmware with the latest code and the previous revision, still the same error.  Dumped the browser cache, reset the rac using the 'racadm racreset' command, dumped the java cache and programs; same error.


I definately think it's an IE7 problem, but I would think Dell should/needs to know about it.

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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

I believe that its something related to a recent Windows update, but im not 100%, im sure that we were using IE7 on this kit previously however as i stated we had to complete a reboot due to Anti Virus, which also applied some Windows updates (i believe as someone had set the machine to auto download and install)


I have also tried the other suggestions above however that hasnt helped.


Ill look at installing IE6 and see if that resolves the issue 

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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

well i have uninstalled IE 7 and using IE6 (version 6.0.3790.3959) i get the same error, so its not IE7/IE6  I think that one of the Windows updates is affecting something that the Drac uses, .net or something like that.


The following updates are installed on this machine


Dr. Watson

.NET Framework CA

.NET Framework 1

.NET Framework CRT

.NET Framework ASP .NET

.NET Framework WinForms

.NET Framework 2

.NET Framework PreXP

.NET Framework CLR









































I need to do a reinstall on one of the boxes but its low on the last list atm, so ill see if it work with a fresh install and no windows updates and then see if i can narrow it down from there Smiley Sad


however if anyone else has any ideas please shout, its starting to be a pain in the bum.



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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

Ok...I've done more testing with this and have found the following:


Machines that don't work have KB953838 installed (MS08-045: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer).  This applies to any Windows Server 2003 (32 and 64-bit) and/or any XP machines.


Any machine (server or otherwise) that does NOT have KB953838 installed works fine.


I just tried removing that fix, but it still doesn't work.  But, I also re-ran my utility to see what hotfixes are installed, and KB953838 is still listed.....Even though it doesn't show up in the "Add/Remove Programs" list anymore.....err.


Dell, if you're paying attention, this needs to get fixed.  I have 5 servers I need to get setup, 3 of which are remote and I'm dead in the water right now.  TS'ing into a remote machine that still works with the DRAC5 and then getting on the console is not a fun option......

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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

Well, now I really don't know.  I took another 2003 server that had IE6 and noticed it already had KB953838 installed on it and connecting to the DRAC worked fine.


So I went ahead and installed IE7, forced it to re-install KB953838 (since it is different for IE6 & IE7) and accessing the DRAC still works fine!  I really hoped I could make it break, but that didn't work.  I guess it may not have anything to do with 953838.  That just seemed to be the only thing in common with the machines that didn't work.......

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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

Ok....I have news.  Just as another test, I tried a machine with IE8b2 and it didn't work either.


So, I called Dell again to get this logged in and see if they had any updated info.  After calling in, I noticed there was a new DRAC Firmware on the support site so while we were on the phone, I installed that new firmware, but that made no difference.


About an hour or so ago, the rep emailed me and asked me to try; in the IE options, on the "Advanced" tab, click the "Reset..." button to reset all IE settings back to factory defaults and remove any installed add-ons.  So, I gave it a shot and low and behold, it works now!  I tried all of my DRAC5 cards and now they all work.  I don't know what caused it, but I can work now.  Of course, I don't know what may have broken since I reset all the IE settings back to factory defaults, but I use Firefox most of the time anyway, so we'll see.

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Re: Error connecting to DRAC using IE

I can now connect to my DRAC5's after Restting Internet Explorer settings from the Advanced tab of Internet Options, as the previous poster did.

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