Getting specific traps from ESXi/OpenManage with Test Message ID

Does anyone know if there is a way to testing specific snmp traps from an ESXi host.

I know I can run 

esxcli system snmp test

That generated a warmStart teat trap.

What I would like to do is test that the same snmp traps that I can send from the drac also get generated from the ESXi host.

So, I know I can go into the iDRAC interface of the Dell server and generate a test event using a specific message id (example LIC201)

How can I generate test messages from OpenManage/ESXi host and specify a pertictular message ID?

I just don't want to wait for an disk failure event to see how our monitoring system handles it, I'd like to generate a test event first if possible.


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RE: Getting specific traps from ESXi/OpenManage with Test Message ID


There is no CLI route to test the SNMP trap. If you are using the OMSA web version to connect to the host you can go to SYSTEM-Temperature- then set the threshold maximum to a number below the current temp and it will cause an SNMP trap to be sent without any problem or failure from the server. Then simply restore the original threshold.

Let me know if this helps.

Chris Hawk

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