IDRAC6 smtp authentication work around?

I have a question about IDRAC6, which I hope someone can help me with. 
I want to send email alerts to myself (gmail) from a Dell server with Idrac6 enterprise. I can specify my email address and an smtp server address. However, nowadays, almost every smtp server requires authentication, which doesn't seem to be supported bij IDRAC6.
Is there a solution to this problem? Does anyone know if this will be resolved in a future firmware release?
Thank you!
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RE: IDRAC6 smtp authentication work around?


It sounds like the DNS hasn't been configured in the iDrac. From Network/Security tab-

1. Select Register DRAC on DNS

2. Define DNS DRAC Name

3. Define DNS Domain Name (domain.local or whatever is in ipconfig)

Let me know if that resolves the issue.

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RE: IDRAC6 smtp authentication work around?

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your quick response!

I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. I don't have a DNS. I don't even have a domain.

On the email alert settings page I can set the smtp server , by entering the smtp ip address. I don't need a DNS for that.

However, that smtp server is the smtp server of the internet provider. And that internet provider only accepts authenticated traffic on it's mail servers. 

I realize now that I wasn't very clear about that in my original post.

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RE: IDRAC6 smtp authentication work around?

Hi CMS01,

In iDRAC6, the emails sent are not authenticated and there is no option to enable it. This feature is present in iDRAC7. The only way you can send emails is if your SMTP server is configured to receive unauthenticated emails. But since it is to a gmail server you want to send, it is not possible. The way to resolve this is to have your own mail server in your domain.

Please go though these links. You might find them helpful-






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