OME SMTP setup


I got a problem with STMP setup under OME. 

My SMTP server is 'smtp.something.com' and the username is username@something.com .

The setup should like to following?

Also another question is it must install SMTP server in the OME node as well (like Windows SMTP server).

Does any setup instruction URL for reference? 


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RE: OME SMTP setup

Under 'SMTP Server Name or IP Address' enter the IP address of your email server, just to eliminate the possibly of any unknown DNS issues from interfering.  You can go back later and enter the smtp.something.com FQDN entry later...  Match the mail settings that your server requires in the other fields.  Try your current settings first, but if they fail then you can always try 'Use Default', uncheck 'Use SSL' and 'Everything' on Logging Settings if those first settings fail.  I've seen systems use port 587 as well with Exchange Servers, so may want to try that if you are still having no luck...

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