OMSA 8.5 with CentOS 5.9

I have the R610 server running CentOS 5.9.

Now OMSA 7.4 has been installed on the server.

Can I upgrade OMSA to version 8.5 on the server that running CentOS 5.9?

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RE: OMSA 8.5 with CentOS 5.9


Thanks for reaching out to us. OMSA 8.5 is not compatible with Cent OS 5.9
Our recommendation would be to upgrade the Operating System to Cent OS 6.x and then upgrade the OMSA.
We have had many release post OMSA 7.4. I would suggest to first upgrade to a release prior to 8.5, say 8.3 and then upgrade to 8.5
Please do reach out for any further information/query.



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