OSA, no DRACs, PE2850, 2950: Is BMC address useless?

I am trying to set up and configure email alerts for hardware problems from several PE2850 and PE2950 running OSA, sending to a standalone server running OM Essentials.

None of these servers have DRAC modules, but during boot they say "Press Control-E to set up Baseboard Management Controller" with IP addresses sharing the motherboard Ethernet ports. I have set that up and also set the 2nd option to send alerts, specifying the OM Essentials server as the target of those alerts.


Now I'm trying to do the hardware detection scans in Essentials, and it doesn't seem able to make head or tails out of the BMC addresses. They all show up in scans as detected as "something" but unknown:

Health: ?,  Connection Status: Connected, Type: Unclassified

(I have not specified a certificate for the 2950 BMC's, and the certificate entry field is just all zeroes on the BMC. I don't know what to enter for the certificate for Essentials to find them... a string of all-zeroes too, or just leave the certificate field blank?)

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RE: OSA, no DRACs, PE2850, 2950: Is BMC address useless?


Here is what I think is going on. The IP you are giving OME to discover is the BMC IP you configured. The BMC will give information to OMSA, but not directly to OME. So you will need to point OME to the OMSA Install, not its specific BMC. The BMC has the IP configuration as it shares logic with the drac when installed. ALSO,  the 9th gen is the earliest support version for OME, so the 8th gen may have issues.  

Let me know if this helps.

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