Openmanage server 6.5 works but 7.3 doesn't

Installing Openmanage on a new server Win 2008 r2 64-bit.  Mistakenly installed 6.5 first and set it up (in case that makes any difference)

So then I installed 7.3 over it.  When I double-click the icon to get to the web interface it times out trying to connect.

If I uninstall 7.3 and reinstall 6.5 it works fine.  Uninstall 6.5 and reinstall 7.3 and it is no longer working?  

Anyone have any suggestions?

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RE: Openmanage server 6.5 works but 7.3 doesn't

I realize this is an old question.  I have moved it to the Systems Management forum where it belongs.  The system/model was not included in this post, but I suspect that it is a system on which 7.3 is not supported.  Could also be the firmware is out of date.

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